We are pleased to offer a free standard initial consultation to discuss your needs and therapies. Please contact us to book your  appointment.

Standard sessions are priced at  £50.00

Most clients require three sessions on average, but some clients may be helped after just one session and some possibly more than three. (Each case is dependent upon clients individual circumstances)

The fee for a  Stop Smoking Consultation is £149.00 and is all done over one session.

The fee for the HypnoSlimmer Weight Loss System starts at £275.00 for one to one

This course works over FOUR to FIVE separate sessions (the first session may be slightly longer). Included in the course is a file of printed materials plus audio.

For groups of 4 or above this cost is brought down to £150.00 which is the same but in a group setting.

We also offer hypnotic gastric band and this can be discussed in your free consultation.